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The Life of Your Smile - How Age Impacts the Health of Your Teeth

Getting older has many benefits but at this age, the body needs more care to the teeth and oral health. With time we become more susceptible to the various dental issues, fortunately, we have different steps that we can take to maximize the longevity of a healthy smile. Increase the risk of decay - The most common issue due to Father Time is the increased level of tooth decay.

Due to the sugar diet and poor oral health are the primary causes of tooth decay. The most common risk associated with the age factor is dry mouth. Dry mouth usually occurs due to the side effects of medication that put us at more risk for tooth decay. You should speak to your Cosmetic Dentist for guiding your alternative medicine or steps to mitigate the effects of dry mouth.

Gum Recession - Have you ever heard about the "long in the tooth?" it's a colloquialism that is used to refer to an older person. It's a very common issue known as gum recession. Poor hygiene built up of tartar along and under the gum. With time it can eat away healthy gum tissues and lead to recession. For getting rid of this problem practice good oral health and maintain regular dental visits, use a soft-bristled brush to safeguard the gum health.

Changing Facial Anatomy - With the passage of time wrinkles and sagging skin are tied to the aging due to low production of the same level of collagen that plays an essential role in your youthful appearance. Lack of collagen also makes dental arches leading to crowding of the teeth. Teeth crowding usually occur at the age of 35 to 40. it can interfere with bite alignment and cause excessive wear and tear. So there is a significant amount of treatment available for older adults to correct tooth alignment and tooth crowding issues.

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